Connecting Premium Brands With Mountain Travel Consumers: The Mountain Travel Audience Platform

By september 19, 2016Audience

Mountain News Corporation is pleased to announce the name of its new premium audience targeting advertising platform, the Mountain Travel Audience Platform.

MTAP_Logo_final_400The Mountain Travel Audience Platform is the first of its kind that connects premium brands with more 30 million highly affluent, highly engaged mountain travel enthusiasts known as Mountain Travel Consumers. These consumers engage with content that aligns with their interests, year-round.

Utilizing premium 1st-party data, the Mountain Travel Audience Platform enables advertisers to deliver targeted, personalized content and impactful digital experiences across mobile devices and the web to Mountain Travel Consumers anywhere, on and off the mountain. The combination of 1st-party data, creative and decades of experience provides advertisers the opportunity serve hyper-targeted, relevant ads and meet their challenging revenue goals.

“We are thrilled to announce the launch of the Mountain Travel Audience Platform. With over 45 years of history enabling the mountain travel experience on a global level, we now have ability to connect our partners to this premium 1st-party audience in a highly targeted way,” said Johannes Jobst, European Sales and Advertising Director for Mountain News. “We continue to provide the most sophisticated solutions for our partners marketing needs and we are confident the Mountain Travel Audience Platform will be no exception.”

The Mountain Travel Audience Platform segments include, but not limited to, global jetsetters, eco-friendly consumers, social influencers and proud parents – among the avid skiers and snowboarders.

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